Mainstream Measurements

About Mainstream

We are leaders in open channel flow measurement, using ultrasonic technology. The Mainstream flowmeter product range was borne out of the R & D company Croma Developments, a company founded in 1986. Croma was developed as a vehicle for transferring academic research results into commercial applications. The company is now concerned with research, development and design of instrumentation with a heavy emphasis on embedded micro-processors.


A key feature of our approach to sensor design is recognizing the need for built-in sensor integrity monitoring or self-diagnostics. Areas of particular expertise are: low-power electronics; signal processing; novel algorithms and ultrasonics.

The Mainstream product range is noted for high performance, reliability and above all else is cost competitive. Mainstream flowmeters feature a self-monitoring capability which simplifies installation and reduces maintenance by detecting any variation in performance. Ideal for a wide variety of water distribution and wastewater applications.