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The Mainstream Difference
A unique feature for the Mainstream is its signal quality reading. Mainstream calculates the percentage of the total signal that contains useful velocity information. This is signal quality; an invaluable metric for flowmeter condition monitoring.

the mainstream difference

  • High sensitivity extends applications to “clean” water
  • Sophisticated ultrasound processing ignores spurious signals
  • Ultrasound signal quality monitor confirms measurement integrity
  • Velocity measurement with better than 100:1 turndown ratio.
  • Velocities from 10mm/S to 5m/S.
  • Channels or pipes from 150mm to 3m wide.
  • Guaranteed no zero offset or drift.
  • Probe may be located up to 500 metres from the system unit.
  • Easy to use PC software simplifies commissioning and product support.
  • Flow measurement for velocities from 10 mm/S up to 5m/S
  • Quick to install – no weirs or flumes





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